How to Make a Baby Bunch Bouquet

If you have a baby shower to attend, consider giving a gift that is both practical and beautiful. Create a baby bunch bouquet for the expectant mother and enjoy her look of surprise as she realizes that the crafty creation you have made is full of special gifts for her new baby. A baby bunch bouquet arranges infant necessities like socks and onesies into a floral bouquet arrangement in order to make the presentation just as enjoyable as the gifts hidden inside.
Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need:

* Baby clothing and accessory items
* Floral wire
* Floral tape
* Silk flowers and silk flower leaves
* Tissue paper with ribbon or plastic storage pail

Step 1

Take a pair of infant socks and lay them flat, one on top of the other. Place a 12-inch length of floral wire on top of the socks at the toe and roll the whole socks and wire arrangement from the toe to the heel. The top of the roll will resemble a rosebud. Use floral tape to wrap the roll together and hold it in place, then add silk flower leaves to the outside and continue to wrap around the stems of the leaves and the sock wrap, all the way down the length of floral wire. Cut the floral tape when you have covered all the wire.

Step 2

Repeat step one, this time using a onesie. Do this same step again with a baby hat, T-shirt, bib or other small clothing and accessories. Each time, secure the wrapped baby item with a length of floral stem and leaves and hold the whole bud together with floral tape.

Step 3

Attach a 12-inch stem of floral wire to several silk flower stems, wrapping the stems and wire with floral tape to secure them. Choose flower colors that coordinate well with the baby items you have wrapped.

Step 4

Twist each of your baby bunch buds together with one to three silk flower stems by twisting the wires together from the bud to the tip.

Step 5

Bunch all of your baby buds and silk flowers together. Wrap them in tissue paper and tie with a ribbon or place them inside a plastic storage pail that the new mother can use to hold baby supplies in the baby's new nursery.

By Jessica Cook
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