How to Find Cheap Baby Clothes

Babies need clothes. They need lots of clothes. However, babies also grow out of clothing rather quickly. Because of this, many parents are looking to save money when purchasing baby clothes. If you want to find cheap or discounted baby clothes, here's how you do it.
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Step 1

Shop the sales. Many stores have sale racks where you can find baby clothes at deep discounts. Clothes can be found on sale year round, but some of the deepest discounts are found right before back to school time and also after the winter holiday season. Sales on baby clothes can be found at baby clothing stores, discount stores, department stores and online.

Step 2

Visit discount stores such as Target and Wal-Mart to find inexpensive baby clothes that even without a sale. Find their markdown racks and look for even better bargains at these stores

Step 3

Go to consignment or thrift stores and look for used baby clothes on sale at cheap prices. You can find gently used baby clothes or even brand new, never worn clothing. Visit these stores frequently because their inventory changes very quickly.

Step 4

Scour your local area for garage or yard sales. Lots of parents sell baby clothing that their children have outgrown. You'll find great bargains at garage and yard sales. Look for garage or yard sale listings in your local paper or simply drive around your local neighborhood on a Saturday morning to see what is out there.

Step 5

Shop online for cheap baby clothes. eBay and Craigslist are good websites to find cheap baby clothes. You can purchase clothing in lots, often at bigger discounts, or by the individual piece.

Step 6

Borrow, share or buy baby clothing from other parents. If you have friends or family members that have children who have outgrown their baby clothes, you may be able to borrow those clothing items for your own baby. You may also be able to buy those clothes for low, low prices. Just ask around to see if anyone is interested.

Step 7

Search online for Mothers of Twins or Mothers of Multiples organizations such as Learn when local chapters have their citywide baby and children's clothing, toy and furniture sales twice a year. If your city has this event, put it on your calendar because you'll find great deals on baby clothes and more. The sales are so huge, they're held in convention centers for mothers of twins to sell their baby's clothes.

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