How to Shop With a Baby Registry

A baby registry allows the parents-to-be to pick everything they need for their new arrival. It may include furniture, clothing, gadgets, diapers, toys or electronics. As a friend or family member, it helps you in the gift-giving process because you know you won't get the couple something they already have. It also tells you the colors and theme of the nursery. Follow these steps to shop with a baby registry.


Step1 : Find out where the parents registered for gifts. They may include the information on a baby shower invitation. If not, ask a friend or the couple directly.

Step2 : Go online and search for their registry. Log on to popular baby registry websites, such as Baby's R Us, Target or Baby Depot. You can also use websites that search all existing registries.

Step3 : Print out the baby registry online or in the store. It will contain a list of everything the parents want, how many and whether it's been purchased yet.

Step4 : Stroll through the store looking for items on the list. Know that some items may only be available online.

Step5 : Ask a salesperson to help if you can't find things. Often, it can be a little overwhelming to search an entire store with a small list in hand. Store employees should know where everything is which cuts down on your shopping time.

Step6 : Purchase the items you want you give the couple. Make sure the employee checking you out removes the item from their baby registry.

Tips & Warnings

* If you're a bargain hunter and find a registry item cheaper at another store, call the store with the registry and tell that you bought it elsewhere and need them to remove it from the registry.
* Buy a gift card if you don't like the items remaining on the registry. The couple can certainly use it.

By eHow Holidays & Celebrations Editor