How to Shop for Baby Bargains Online

Baby gear, furniture, clothes, toys and even very little booties add up when new parents welcome Junior into their lives and pocketbooks. It pays to take the time to do some research and dig for baby bargains online.

Things You’ll Need:

* Baby Clothes
* Baby Bathtubs
* Baby Bottles
* Baby Cradles
* Baby Swings
* Baby Food
* Internet Access
* Computers
* Baby Carriages
* Baby Toys


Step1 : Start with online sites of stores and manufacturers that you already know and like. If you don't know the URLs, do a search on the Web. Or, simply click on the boxes for specific products in the shopping list below and choose the "shop online" function.

Step2 : Scout out weekly specials or clearance racks at these sites. They will often e-mail you when there are sales or special offers.

Step3 : Search the Web for baby products. If you like the site, bookmark it.

Step4 : Search the Web for a particular baby product that you are interested in buying. You will probably find the product at many different online stores - which allows you to comparison shop.

Step5 : Clip ads and coupons for online shoppers, from parenting and baby magazines.

Step6 : Check parenting sites for their own online stores - many have clearance racks and weekly specials. Some also have classified sections for people selling used baby products, and some have chat rooms for parents who want to discuss shopping for babies.

Step7 : Look for free shipping or discounted shipping/handling, periodically offered by online baby stores.

Step8 : Call the customer service department for the online store if you have any questions about a product, its price, or how to do the transaction. Ask if the product will go on sale soon.

Step9 : Browse online auction houses. Register and list specific baby products that you want. You will be notified by email when these products are up for auction. Act quickly, if you find a steal.

Step10 : Talk to other parents who shop online for baby bargains.

Step11 : Take the time to comparison shop. Familiarize yourself with the competitive price of a product through a catalog or at a regular store. This way, you'll be ready to jump when you find the baby product on sale for a low price.

Tips & Warnings

* For the first time online buyer of anything, see "How to Shop Online."
* Once you buy online with a particular store, you may be invited to special sales only available to recent customers.
* If you are uncomfortable about providing credit card information online, most sites have customer service representatives available to take your order by phone.
* Many sale items are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Do your research ahead of time and avoid impulse purchases.

By : eHow Parenting Editor
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