How to Choose Appropriate Toys for a Baby

Toys for children should be safe, educational, fun and suitable for their age. Here are some tips for choosing toys appropriate.

Choosing Toys suitable for a child

If the toy is too basic or too advanced for your child will not have much fun and it could really hurt herself. Your child may like playing with a toy made for two years. However, it can not be safe for her to do so.

A child has a toy that stimulates one or more of its senses. A colorful mobile is stimulating for the eye, a musical toy acoustic stimuli.
Make sure the toy is sturdy and well made. The paint or finish on a toy must be non-toxic, and there should be no sharp edges or corners.
Choose toys that are washable to prevent the growth of bacteria - babies put everything in his mouth.

Toys that are too small or have small removable parts pose a significant risk of suffocation.

Toys that have strings or ribbons longer than 6 inches are not safe for your child because of the risk of strangulation.

Make sure all the stuffed animals are safe. The eyes must not be made of small pieces that can be chewed or pulled off.

Make sure the toy has no loose threads and strings, and it is well done.