Buying an Appropriate Baby Gift

When shopping for baby gifts, it really depends on what your goal is. Are you shopping for baby gifts for new parents who are just starting out? Are you offering baby gifts that will be useful, or just fun? Perhaps you want to give a baby gift that is memorable and will be passed down from generation to generation. The possibilities are endless.

When shopping for an appropriate baby gift, you may not know exactly what to purchase, especially if you are not a parent and have never been around children or babies. There are so many options to choose from when shopping for baby gifts that it can also become very overwhelming, even for the new parents. The options for baby gifts range from clothing, toys, bathing essentials, baby gear, bedding, and just about anything else you can imagine. Because the parents of a new baby are going to have a lot of expenses getting any gift will make them happy. But you may still be wondering what the appropriate baby gifts are.

One idea for an extremely appropriate baby gift is a personalized blanket or quilt. This is something that the parents will use throughout the baby’s infancy and will “grow up” with the child. A personalized quilt will be used in the crib, on the bed, and the baby may even end up becoming an adult and giving it to his or her own child! A new baby blanket is a wonderful baby gift as well as a keepsake.

If you are thinking of something more practical in the baby gifts arena, ask the parents what they could use the most. Perhaps the parents have made it easy on you and set up a gift registry with a list of baby items that are needed. A baby gift registry is really the easiest way to choose and give baby gifts. You can easily view most baby gift registries online, or visit the store in person. The items are listed and you just choose what you want to give! Nothing could be easier.

If you want to give appropriate baby gifts but do not want to take the route of a personalized baby blanket or the gift registry, you can make up your own baby gift basket. There are so many baby items out there that this is very easy. One idea would be to go with a baby bath time theme. In such a gift scheme you could include a baby comb and brush, baby bath wash, washcloths, towels, baby skincare items, and an array of bath toys. In fact, you could purchase all these items and place them in an infant bathtub. Don’t forget the rubber ducky!

When shopping for baby gifts, there really is no inappropriate baby gift. Just remember to keep in mind that you should go for entertainment value as well as the practical items. Babies need so much, and so do the parents, that shopping for baby gifts really is a snap once you get used to the idea.

Modern Baby Swimwear

Are you ready for some summer fun with your baby? Doctors and health professionals agree that there is no reason that even newborns as young as one month old can’t go in the pool (the old school thought that parents should wait until babies have at least had their two-month immunizations no longer holds water) and say that introducing children to water early on can be conducive to teaching them to swim. Taking a baby into the pool means providing the baby with the appropriate swimwear.

Swimwear for newborns younger than three months is rather hard to come by. Most manufacturers start their swimwear sizes anywhere between three and twelve months, which is okay because babies younger than that are better off swimming au natural. For the older babies and toddlers there are a good number of swimwear choices available.

Swim Diapers

One potential issue that used to keep parents from bringing babies into the swimming pool was the worry about what would happen if the child had an “accident” in the water. While it was really never that much of an issue (pool chlorination is intended to combat exactly this sort of problem), parents would refrain from bringing their babies to public pools for fear of the embarrassment this would cause and were reluctant to bring them into their own pools if they did not know what steps would need to be taken in the event of a solid waste accident. With the advent of swim diapers, those fears no longer need to prevent a child from going in the water.

Swim diapers are polyurethane lined with cotton cloth. Machine washable and dryable, they are the perfect answer for parents who are concerned that their babies may relieve themselves while in the pool. Available from many stores and online retailers, swim diapers typically cost anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars.

Flotation Devices

The most popular and effective children’s floatation devices are the “water wings” that slide over the arms and keep the child afloat and free to splash and play in the water. These are, unfortunately, not suitable for children under twelve months. There are floatation devices designed for younger babies, but the general recommendation is that babies that age stay with the parents unless being taught to swim (swim classes for babies can start as early as twelve weeks).

Swimsuits and Trunks

Baby swimwear comes in various styles, mostly in full body tanks and trunks similar to those worn by older children and men. For girls there are one and two piece styles, as one would expect. Because baby’s skin is very sensitive it is important to use the appropriate sunscreen to prevent your little Ethel or Mark from getting a nasty sunburn while at the pool.

Alternative Clothing For Babies

While the concept of "baby tees" has taken on a whole new meaning in the new millennium, some companies have made a real dedication to the original intent of the phrase. Of course there is always the basic "I Love My Mommy" and "Someone in Tallahassee Loves Me" t-shirts, but in keeping with the times, some companies have designed some shirts that really let baby and parent's personality shine through.

Take, for example, Wry Baby, a company that specializes in humorous baby t-shirts. Some of my favorites include "I'M NOT A BOY," "NEW," "SCENTED," and a special twin set that reads, "STOP COPYING ME." There are also onesies that come complete with baby care directions for everything from feeding to carrying.

For the breast feeding baby, there are shirts made in the style of the "I Love New York" shirts that read, 'I Love Big Boobies." A shirt that reads "Blankie, Boopie, or Bottle, Nobody Rides for Free" and features a picture of a tricycle is a nice take-off on a popular bumper sticker that's a little bit more PG rated than it's predecessor.

At Baby Wit, online shoppers can find a wide range of baby and toddler t-shirts. Whether your baby wants to make a political statement, hang out with the cool kids, or just have a cute monkey on his or her shirt, there is something for them here. Here you can find some more controversial t-shirt sayings, like "He Thinks He's My Daddy" or "My Mommy Drinks Because I Cry." There are also some amusing, but more tame shirts for the family set. Shirts like, "Come Closer So I Can Spit on You" and "Been Inside for Nine Months" (in prison suit font) make this site a well-rounded source of baby novelty bliss.

For the most creative parents, there are sites that feature personalized t-shirts for babies. It is also pretty easy to pick up the paint and stencils necessary to create a super-personal look for your newborn fashion plate. So if you think you can come up with something better than "Look, Maybe Someday I'll Be Changing Your Diapers" than get thee to a craft store.

If you're politically minded,, a company based out of Massachusetts, donates five percent of all proceeds to a different charity each month. All shoppers are given a ballot at the end of their checkout to decide which of the highlighted charities will receive the five percent donation for the month. This way, your money is not only helping a good cause, it's helping a good cause that you get a say in deciding.

You can, of course, go with the method of using your baby's clothing as a way to instill the values that you hold nearest and dearest to you, like moral fiber, ethics, and rock and roll. Recently, at a baby shower for a friend who had recently graduated from college, the new mother got a baby t-shirt that had the Guns'n'Roses logo with the words, "Sweet Child O' Mine" printed across it. It's good to know that the next generation will be a good, hearty stock.

Bottle Feeding For Beginners

The art of bottle feeding is not very tough to master. For most mothers, it comes as naturally as (or easier than) breastfeeding.

First things first

The first step is to choose a suitable infant formula. Prepare the formula just before baby's feeding time. Pumping milk, like breastfeeding takes some time to perfect but breast milk can be stored at room temperature for a longer time.

If you want to try an infant formula-breast milk combo, introduce the bottle after baby is a breastfeeding expert. You can expect this to happen in the first four weeks. This will help avoid nipple confusion.

After every feed, make sure the bottle is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. Sterilizing the bottle is not necessary once baby is six months old.

Getting started on the bottle

Give baby a "start feeding signal" by stroking her cheek with the tip of the teat. Her rooting reflex will make her turn in the direction of the teat and she will start sucking from the teat.

Tilt the bottle in a way such that the teat is always completely filled with formula. This will prevent baby taking up too much air and save you the anxiety of dealing with a gassy baby later. Better still is to use an angled bottle that helps retain the formula in the teat. Burp baby in between feeds and after every feed.

Check the flow of formula. Turn the bottle upside down. Milk should spray a little and then start flowing steadily drop by drop. Baby's sucking and gulping movements will also help you judge the flow.

Your baby might drink only a few milliliters of formula in the first few days. For a rough guide on how much formula baby needs, refer to infant formula fundamentals.

If your baby rejects the bottle, let someone else offer it to her instead of you. A baby who has been breast fed for sometime might not readily accept the bottle.

More bottle feeding basics

Never prop the bottle and leave your baby alone during a feed. This not only poses a risk of choking but also deprives baby from the emotional gratification she receives from being cuddled. This habit can also lead to tooth decay once baby's teeth start coming in.

Skin to skin contact promotes bonding between baby and whoever is offering her the bottle. Bottle feeding gives dad a wonderful chance to forge a great relationship with baby.

Do not force the bottle. Let baby decide how much to drink and how long to drink. Force-feeding will make baby averse to milk and can lead to plumpness and obesity in later life.

If you wanted to breast feed your baby and ended up bottle-feeding instead, there is no need to take a guilt trip. Whether you are planning to feed baby formula or breast milk in a bottle, the most important ingredient is love. Show your baby that you care by cuddling up during feeding sessions and watch her bask in your affection.

Baby Car Seats: Essential For Your Baby’s Protection

The many car collisions every year, which are consequential to demises and agonies of little children have called for making use of an additional car protection piece of equipment: baby car seats.

A good number of general problems of nearly all parents are selecting the finest baby car seats from amongst the scores of alternatives - each one with its individual protection aspect - that are being put across in the marketplace. The response to this is anything that fits the baby at ease, fits in the car securely and is inside the financial plan is the finest baby car seat, which any person can come across.

Every one of the baby car seats, or for that subject all that has got to do with automobile protection, has to clear the similar federal crash trails and security features. Baby car seats, which are agreed upon by the authorities has the guarantee of protection, and the goals that are laid down has to be cleared by every one of the companies. It is pointless to state, that even the most low priced baby car seats put across in the marketplace had to go through the similar crash trails and will at all times save the children from harm against collisions, given that these are appropriately set up.

Additional aspects are all right but all that adds up to the price of the baby car seats. Exorbitant charges do not all the time stand for the most excellent, because there is no “most excellent” car baby seat. A few additional aspects will merely be significant if it can be made use of but the car seat have got to fit the baby foremost.

After you have selected the baby car seat, which you approve of, the subsequent article on your listing is to go through the company instruction guide. The most luxurious and numerous aspects baby car seats will be of no utilization if the company’s instruction booklet is not studied in detail because they might have unique necessities in relation to particular fittings and utilization.

In any case, the similar standard will be relevant. Infants and children, who weigh up less than twenty lbs, ought to be made to sit in the direction of the back of the vehicle. If the kid is by now a year old but still less than the requisite weight restrictions, then the suitable baby car seat have got to be the convertible sort but the kid still has to be made to sit in the direction of the back. The convertibles are capable to be built in to look at the fore, which may possibly be a fine readiness when the kid goes beyond the weight restrictions.

Car seats for just infants are little transportable seating that are frequently a component of a baby carriage. It has 3 to 5 point strap ups and is able to be made use for kids till the weight of twenty two lbs. The seat is typically obtainable with a removable bottom for ease because it suggests that you are no longer needed to set up the seat each time it is made use of.

Larger baby car seats are made use for bigger and older kids and they usually face the front. Similar to the baby car seats for just infants, this is obtainable with a 5-point strap up as well. Additional aspect is a T-Shield with a padding, which is joined to the shoulder band and a tray with padding like above the head guards that dangle down about the kid.

Car seats for babies, regardless of what the nature is includes one item that is common - they are all planned to save the baby from harm against every unseemly mishaps that may possibly take place for the duration of the tour. And just like a security belt, which is joined on the seats of the car to strap up grown up passengers, car seats for babies give protection to the little kids on the vehicle.

Umbrella Strollers – The Must Have!

Most parents go out and get that huge, expensive stroller that has everything a baby could possibly need on it. While this isn't a bad thing, sometimes it just isn't the best thing to haul around with you everywhere. The majority of these bigger strollers are just too bulky and don't open easy enough when you have screaming kids you are trying to control in a crowded parking lot. So what do you do?

You buy an umbrella stroller to keep in the car, that's what! These strollers are lightweight, cheap, and open with just the flick of your arm. Sure, they don't have four cup holders, and sure, they don't have a shopping cart underneath; but if you are in a hurry they can be a lifesaver.

Umbrella strollers generally range in price from ten to twenty dollars, and you can purchase them anywhere. They come in almost every color you can think of also, so you won't have to worry about having one that is just too ugly to show in public. These strollers slide easily into small spaces, like the floor board or the trunk, and are very lightweight, so you won't hurt your back or arms trying to pull them out of the car or closet and open them.

These strollers also have a very easy set up and fold down, generally this can even be done with one hand if needed. A small, red clip that is easy to see and lift is usually the only thing you will need to pull when folding up these type of strollers.

So, even if you have one of the larger, more expensive strollers, an umbrella stroller is just something that you cannot live without. They can be a lifesaver when you are in a hurry or just don't want to lug that big stroller out again.

Baby Acne Treatments Can Give Your Baby Great Relief

Baby acne is a common disorder among the newborn and you can tackle the problem following one of the suitable baby acne treatments. Baby acne medically termed as Neonatorum usually occurs to babies at the age of four weeks and may prolong up to six months or more. This is not a dangerous problem but as a new parent, you may be scared because of lack of information on the subject. Of course, you do not want your dear little one to suffer but being patient is more important to treat your baby. It is also important to keep your baby calm because the problem of acne gets more aggravated when the child is fussy or annoyed.

There may be many reasons for an acne breakout in adults. However, the main reason for the occurrence of acne in babies is considered as the hormones transferred from the mother during the time of birth. The sebaceous glands also known as oil glands get stimulated due to these hormones and produces excess sebum. This leads to pimple like structures on the skin of the baby that causes severe itching and irritation. Apart from this, the other reasons may be due to the medication that the baby might be undergoing. Sometimes, if the mother is under any medication especially if she is nursing it can affect the baby. Just by following some simple baby acne treatments, you can help your baby feel comfortable.

Generally, baby acne does not require any treatment. It will be gone once the hormones acquired from the mother work out their way out of the baby's system. Nevertheless, in order to provide some relief to the child you can follow some simple home remedies. Give the baby a mild wash once or twice a day. You have to always ensure to keep clean the surroundings and things that are exposed to the baby. Remember to wash the clothes with a mild detergent. Harsh soaps, detergents and rough clothes will worsen the acne problem. After every meal or spit up, gently wipe the face of the baby. The baby's skin is tender and hence it should be always handled very gently.

In spite of the above home remedies, if the problem persists then you have to consult a pediatrician. Baby acne treatments recommended by child specialists will effectively solve the problem. Some of them recommend hydrocortisone cream which is an over the counter drug in order to treat this condition. However, an OTC like ionic colloidal silver solution kills the baby acne causing bacteria more effectively than any other drug. It is also relatively safe and gives instant relief to the itching. Some people claim that a vinegar solution works best for a baby. We can find many products in the market that contain vinegar solution. However, before using any product you have to test it by applying a small amount on the baby's skin in order to ensure that is does not have a bad reaction to the tender skin.

Always remember to follow strictly the advice of a medical practitioner in case of baby's ailments. Avoid using an OTC drug on the baby without a doctor's prescription. Never ever, try any other medications of teenage acne on the baby's sensitive skin. Follow one of the baby acne treatments along with some proper care the acne problem can be easily alleviated and you can see your baby smiling.

Baby Girl Gift Sets and Adopted Baby Girls

In cases when an adopted baby girl is a newest addition to the family, all the works are required to welcome her to a loving home where she will be loved and cherished. You'll hit it right by giving her a warm welcome with one of those adorable little baby girl gift sets.

When an Adopted Baby Girl is Coming Home

Adopting a child is no easy thing. It takes endless legwork and paperwork before a child can be taken to her new home. Ironically, it's quite expensive to adopt a child who is in dire need of a loving home - yours. But once the ordeal of the adoption process is over, it's time to take the child home and welcome her with loving arms. Your role is to support the adoptive family by welcoming the little angel with one of those impressive baby girl gift sets.

A carefully selected gift reflects the kind thoughts you have for the new member of the family and the parents. Your friend can never thank you enough, especially if the infant is her only child. Your friend needs all the support she can get from you and your circle friends because a lot of changes are taking place, spatially and emotionally. So marshall your common friends to help you prepare the baby's room, and pore over baby care books to start you mom-to-be friend on the right path to motherhood.

How to Choose Baby Gift Sets for Little Girls

Baby girls, adopted or not, need the same doodads, and you'll be right on track by giving a baby gift that the new mother needs. If you want to buy those sweet baby girl dresses, save that for later until the baby is older. As of now, she'll need blankets and layettes and tons of disposable nappies.

The choice of your baby gift is a matter of personal taste and budget - her parent's tastes, and your budget. Thinking along the mental wavelengths of the parents, get something that will start the baby early on the interests the parents are passionate about. Or, you may want to give the parents something to mark the important and happy occasion. These ideas for baby girl gift sets can help you wade through a dazzling and dizzying array of baby gift sets:

* The gift of comfort - downy receiving blankets and onesies.
* The gift of un - pink baby wagons filled with goodies.
* The gift of discovery - toys that stimulate the senses.
* The gift of value - infant jewelry with the parents' names engrave along with the date of the baby's welcome bash.
* The gift of "haute couture" - a fashionable set of baby apparel for her first outing.

These baby girl gift sets come in adorable packaging:

* The Honey Bear Girl Gift Set that contains three burp cloths immaculately embroidered. There is also a cute keepsake box to go with the set.

* Safari Baby comes in a becoming hand-painted wooden baby keepsake box.

* Five piece gift set that contains the standard bib, booties, cap, body suit, and T-shirt.

These gift sets are practical, but can make any baby look stunning and the mom happy. Welcome the new baby girl with one of these adorable baby girl gift sets and earn a warm hug from her mom.

What Does My New Baby Really Need? A Guide To Shopping For Your New Baby

What is it do I really need to buy for my new baby? While writing my latest book found at I found that this is a question a lot of new moms must ask themselves. Having a new baby is a huge expense, and it is hard to stay on budget when you see all of the cute outfits in the stores. While all of the tiny things are really tempting to buy, please keep in mind that babies grow really fast. One of the biggest mistakes that new parents make is over shopping for clothes. Remember, you will probably keep baby in a lot during those first few months so cute outfits with matching hats and shoes may not get any use. Plus if you are going to have a baby shower you will receive a lot of cute outfits fit for your little bundle of joy. Below is a list of things that I put together as a guide for you to use while doing your shopping. Remember to do your shopping after your baby shower this way you will only buy what you need.

Health and Safety

digital thermometer
nasal aspirator
infant acetaminophen drops
baby monitor
night lightBaby Care Products
baby shampoo/baby wash
diaper cream
baby nail clippers or safety scissors
baby oil/lotion
baby brush and comb
a couple of pacifiers (even if you don't plan to use!)

Layette and Diapering

newborn diapers/cloth diapers/wraps or set up diaper service
baby wipes and/or extra baby washcloths
diaper pail
burp cloths or extra cloth diapers
gowns/kimonos or newborn sleepers (4-6)
receiving blankets (4-6)
swaddling blankets (2-3)
crib blanket or quilt
newborn socks or booties (4-6 pair)
newborn cap (1-2)
hooded bath towels and wash cloth
4-6 T-shirts or all-in-ones
1-2 sweaters or bunting (depending upon season)

Baby Equipment

baby carrier (sling, wrap or pack carrier)
infant seat (have to bring it to the hospital!)
stroller or carriage
bouncer seat or swing
diaper bag

Furniture and Accessories

co-sleeper/bassinet/cradle or crib
mattress, waterproof pads, at least two sheets and other bedding
changing table or other safe changing area
mobile for the crib and/or changing area
changing pad and 2 coversNursing Necessities
nursing pillow
washable or disposable nursing pads
rental, electric or manual breast pump and storage bottles or bags if you plan to pump milk
feeding bottles (2-4 4 oz to start), nipples, and bottle brush if you plan to use bottles

Below you will find a short list of things new moms will need to have on hand.

New Mother Care

sitzbath herbs
big box of extra-long maxi pads for locchia
nursing nightgown or comfy cotton pajamas
small tube of modified lanolin or other product to soothe sore nipples
nursing bras (1-2 comfy nursing bras plus a sleep bra to take to the hospital -- you can get more when your milk comes in, in case your size changes)

Other Good Ideas

pick out birth announcements (address envelopes before baby comes, if possible)
make a Belly Cast to remember this amazing time!

Also a good thing to know is that some of these accessories and gadgets are fun to have. Some of them even help make your life easier. However these are not must haves, all your baby really needs is your love and affection and your baby will grow and flourish. Remember you must have a car seat for baby, because the hospital will not let you leave without it! Plus you want to protect your little miracle in any way possible. Relax and enjoy this time with your precious baby because this time will never return.

If possible line up friends and family who will bring meals or come help you out at home after the baby is born (and a good friend to coordinate) and/or hire a doula to help. This way you can spend even more time just worrying about the baby, while someone else worries about YOU!

How To Find The Right Baby Care Products For Your Baby

You have just had a baby, and although you got many lovely baby care products at your baby shower, you would like to add to the collection some of your own preferred baby care products. However, there are many baby care products on the market, so how do you go about find the right ones?

About Baby Care Products

Now, when it comes to buying baby care products, many parents really go out of their way to find the best that money can, and in the process put a considerable dent on their budget. Remember that baby care products really should only have one function, and that is to help in taking care of the baby.

Despite that fact, many parents will buy many different baby care products regardless of the cost because they think that they higher the price, the more dependable the product. This is not always true, so as a parent be sure not to fall into that trap.

Babies basically need several things: food, diapers, clothes, a car seat, a high chair, a changing table, and a crib. Of course babies have no concept of what these things are, but they depend on those things anyway. It is up to you as the parent to choose the best ones.

For a new baby, food will basically consist of either formula milk or breast milk. If you have chosen to use formula milk, be sure that it has all of the proper nutrients needed for the baby’s health. Also, be sure that it is safely packaged.

When it comes to diapers, choose the biodegradable kind. Your baby will go through hundreds of diapers in its lifetime, and regular brand name diapers are not as easy to dispose of when it comes to being environmentally conscious. Also, be sure that the diapers are the right fit for the baby. The diaper should fit snugly, but not be too loose either.

As with baby care in general, finding the right baby care products is a learning process. Ask family and friends what they would recommend. Also, check online for user reviews of products that you have been thinking about purchasing. These sites might also tell you where and how to find them for the best price. With the proper research, you are sure to find the right baby care products.

Little Tikes Baby And Bath Toys For Your Baby!

If you are looking for toys to give to your little children, then you can get them at Little Tikes. Little Tikes is a toy manufacturer that makes safe, durable toys for infants and young children. If you need any toys for your babies, can get one at Little Tikes no matter how young or old your children are. You can sort the toys by age or category, to find out which toys to get your children. Little Tikes have baby toys, toy chests, toddler toys, playhouses, and even bath toys.

Little Tikes toys come in vibrant colors that will surely catch your little tikes’ attention and make him enjoy his bath or time at the crib or crawling at the floor. These toys will also help stimulate your kids’ development, introducing your kids to different sounds and shapes, and engaging them in interactive activities.

For bath time fun, you can choose from a variety of bath toys available. Little Tikes have Little Champs Bathketball, which you can simply put at the wall of your bathroom and your little ones can play with colorful balls and shoot them at the basket. They also have a Bathtime Band toy, where there are sea creatures with musical instruments and your child can fill these with water and they will play a tune. The colorful and fun characters will really get your baby’s attention and make it fun for him to take a bath.

Or you can get your baby the Deluxe Bath Gift Set, that comes with the Bathket Ball, a Floating fountain and Fish Food Fishies. The whole set is good for any bath time time fun, or can be taken to the pool or the beach. Or get your baby the Glow Pals Assortment, a package of ducks, turtles and crabs that float on the water and glow when they are dropped on the water. Your baby will be amazed at these infant toys and bath toys.

Another great toy to get your baby is the 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym, which your baby can enjoy until he is a toddler, a great baby toy to a great toddler toy, it grows and transforms as your baby does.

Or get your little children ride on toys, where you can choose from the Handle Haulers Hail and Ride, a Classic Tough Tire Trike for the outdoors, a Go and Grow Rider for you baby, or a Push and Ride Doll Walker for your little girl. The Push and Ride Racer is also a good toddler toy, because it can, as the other ride on toys, help your kid to coordinate his limbs and enable him to move and learn to walk or run faster.

Baby Crib Bedding With A Personalized Baby Blanket

A personalized baby blanket is a baby gift idea that is a sure way to comforting, soothing snuggles. If there is one treasured source of security in the life of every child, it is a blanket. Vast collections of silky receiving blankets, fleecy throw blankets, and unique baby swaddle blankets, all in the softest of textures, ensure that you will have difficulty limiting your choice to just one personalized baby blanket!

A baby swaddle blanket is superb for recreating a feeling of womb-like security. For newborns, the Cradle Me Baby Swaddle Blanket offers a removable foam insert for additional neck support during the first weeks. This makes it much easier for younger siblings to hold the baby safely. The convenient velcro strips keep the blanket snugly wrapped, yet easy to open and remove. The Cradle Me Baby Swaddle Blanket is fully machine washable.

If you prefer a baby swaddle blanket without velcro or straps, the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket may be what you are looking for. This generously sized, award-winning personalized baby blanket is manufactured from a superb quality cotton flannel or organic flannel.

Using this baby swaddle blanket is uncomplicated. To make things absolutely clear, the instructions are in picture-form on a label attached to the blanket. A variety of colors and trims are available. The Ultimate blankie will become a well-loved personalized baby blanket.

Personalized Baby Blanket - Security Wrapped Up In A Blanket

A personalized security blanket needs to be fit for multi-tasking! This little blanket has to be the right size for a cozy snuggle at home, a trip in a stroller, or a carseat adventure. Worldly travels, and nights in strange cribs, are also much more tolerable with a trusted personalized baby blanket as protection.

It is clear that these blankets have to be resilient, as they will probably collect lots of frequent-washing miles... Cotton flannel, combined with satin or chenille, are commonly used for personalized baby blankets. Polar fleece is also a cozy, dreamy texture to fold around a baby.

Bring a buddy into the blankie picture with an animal character security blanket, such as Dottie Dot's perky pup, friendly frog, or dainty duck. These creatures by Gund are a delight, and will be lovingly explored by tiny fingers. Alternatively have a look at the Boyds 23" fleecy, personalized baby blankets. Creatures featured include anything from a lovable lavender elephant, to a huggable blue bear.

A personalized baby blanket can be quite functional, as any baby who has discovered a Love Notes Little Taggie security blanket, will explain in no uncertain terms. This blanket offers silky snugness, with an embroidered message and appliqué. Its unique feature is that it incorporates rows of colorful, tactile stimulating tags, perfect for a 'treasure hunt' by inquisitive little hands, visually hungry eyes, and teething gums. This is a personalized baby blanket that will keep an infant distracted for hours.

Knitted personalized baby blankets are another option. These can often be machine washed. The lettering forms part of the knitting, and will therefore last as long as the blanket. Polar fleece blankets, sporting baby's name and birthdate in embroidery, are another popular choice.

The bottom line is that babies love blankets. So, if you can't make up your mind, buy the whole pile of personalized baby blankets!