Affordable Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts

Just how many baby showers have you attended this year already? Quite a few and your budget is suffering? Here are some ideas for inexpensive baby shower gifts.

Inexpensive baby shower gifts idea #1: Give the gift of time. If you enjoy spending time with babies give the mom-to-be a coupon book that she can redeem for hours of childcare.

Inexpensive baby shower gifts idea #2: Search websites for the best deals. You will often be able to find some excellent inexpensive baby shower gifts online and sometimes the shipping is even free!

Inexpensive baby shower gifts idea #3: Go to baby sales and stockpile your finds. Most department stores have really good sales two or three times a year. This is the best time to shop for inexpensive baby shower gifts. Buy clothing for baby boys and girls in newborn, 6 and 9 months sizes and you will be ready with inexpensive baby shower gifts every time you are invited to a shower. You might also want to purchase a few things in white or yellow for those inexpensive baby shower gifts when you don’t know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

Inexpensive baby shower gifts idea #4: If you are creative you may be able to make inexpensive baby shower gifts yourself. You could offer to make the baby shower invitations and thank-you notes as your gifts. Other inexpensive baby shower gifts ideas for the creative might include nursery painting or decorating, making the christening outfit, or designing a scrapbook for the new baby.

Inexpensive baby shower gifts ideas #5: A good way to find inexpensive baby shower gifts is to keep your eyes open for stores that are closing. Inexpensive baby shower gifts can be found at stores that feature baby clothing, toys and books. When these stores close there are often magnificent sales and this is the time to purchase several items and keep them until you need them.

If you plan ahead you will be able to come up with many possibilities for inexpensive baby shower gifts.